Product Management in Enterprise Software

By enterprise product managers, for enterprise product managers

Enterprise is different, and it matters

Enterprises don't buy, use or rely on software products anything like consumers do - so why would we build software products for them the same way? We break down enterprise product management into its essential parts.

Building and leading for the enterprise

How enterprise product managers collaborate, plan and strategize is dramatically different. We look at three key areas - Organizational, Product and Industry knowledge - that enterprise product managers must master to thrive.

Practical tips you can use today

Struggling to put product management advice to use? Same here. We decided to write a book that eschewed fancy product philosophizing in favor of a pragmatic guide to building for enterprise customers.

"This book is for Product Managers in enterprise software - anyone doing the gig now, or maybe interested in getting into enterprise PM in the future. We don’t have all the answers. But we know some stuff that has worked for us, as well as some stuff that absolutely has not. We’re going to push back on some of the hype and overheated abstractions of 'Product,' pop a few of the myths you’ve heard about, and try to give some practical, straightforward guidance that we believe will be helpful to you. Read more book news here."

Note: A portion of the proceeds from this book are being donated to the International Rescue Committee (Ben's choice) and the New York City Rescue Mission (Blair's). Learn more about these great organizations at the links above!

The authors

We're not consultants, professional speakers, VCs or salesmen. We're just two busy, full-time enterprise product managers with a lot of thoughts on Product, enterprise software, and helping our peers be successful.